Monday, August 31, 2009

New Calendar

Sorry I didn't post this sooner! My DD is leaving for Washington DC tomorrow morning and won't be back until December! She is spending her first semester of college out there interning at a Mental Hospital. Exciting for her, but sad for me...LOL! It is a wonderful opportunity for her, but I will miss her very much!

On to the calendar. I made this calendar for a friend of her's at school that will be gone on her own internship when my DD goes to school for the second semester.

Excuse the photos, I'm still getting use to the new camera!

This is the gift bag to hold the calendar, my favorite so far!

The front of the calendar...

I used my new I-Top tool (I won it from Oh My Crafts!) to make the brad, isn't that cool! I love being able to custom make buttons and brads to fit my projects!

Aren't those charms just the cutest...?!

I wasn't able to use my BIA to punch the holes for the calendar so I used a hole punch and then used the machine to close o-wires.

So that is my latest project that I have finished!

Have a great day!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Sorry I haven't been around for awhile. My youngest brother decided to take his own life on August 15. He left behind his six year old daughter and the rest of us. We buried my dad in May and he decided that he couldn't go on without dad.

I don't understand suicide...I don't understand how a person can just decide it is time to end ones own life...Do they not think of the people they leave behind?...what it does to them?...I am still at the anger stage...hopefully I can put it behind me soon and get to the grieving process....

So on to crafting...I have made two more calendars. I forgot to take pictures of one of them, but will take pictures tomorrow of the one I have just finished.

Hope everyone is doing good and enjoying the weather.

Have a great night.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm Back! LOL

Well we are moved and most everything is unpacked!

I have spent the majority of the last several weeks CLEANING! It amazes me how some people can live in such filth! I am not kidding when I say this place was beyond filthy, it was absolutely GROSS! I would have to clean before being able to put stuff away! It took me about two hours just to clean the shower and tub! And I won't even describe the oven to you...lets just say it made me gag, and it takes a lot to make me gag! We have cleaned the carpet in the kitchen at least five times and its still not clean!

Anyways...I have managed to get another calendar done...woohoo!...I just have to finish up the gift bag!

I will try to get some pictures taken tomorrow and post them.

I am so enjoying my "Crap" room! I have so much more room! I want to add some more shelves and "stuff" to make it look neater and more put together. That will come after I get the walls washed and painted! I am so excited...about the room...not more cleaning...LOL!

Well thats it for tonight. We had my in-laws and brother-in-law over for dinner and both of my kids stopped over today. It was a busy day but good!

Have a great night!