Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I am still around...still trying to get back to my blog, but life keeps getting in the way!...The last month has been crazy to say the least!!

The best thing that has happened is that my first grandchild was born on June 20th...what a precious girl she is!!...and I found out that my mother may have early Alzheimer or dementia...She goes back for more testing on August 1st.

I am still creating, just not posting anything here or anywhere else...I have been watching YouTube videos...makes me feel connected to the crafting world...and helps keep the creativity flowing!!

Enough for now...thank you to those that have stopped by and sorry to those for not having anything new!

Have a great night!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Still around!!

I'm still around...still getting situated in my new home!!...This moving thing is for the birds!!!,,,,so not on my list of favorite things to do!!...but oh well. such is life!!

I have been crafting...just haven't got everything set up to take photos....hopefully I will be back on track very soon!!

Have a great night!!