Wednesday, July 9, 2014

And still I haven't found my way back to my blog and posting makes me sad that I have lost my mojo...but I want it back!!

I miss posting my things to share...even though I don't have a really active still made me feel good to put things out there for whom ever may happen upon my blog!!

I don't have as much free time as I use to...only for the summer...then it will be back to normal...whatever normal is...LOL!! mother now lives with me so even my free time doesn't feel like my own!

But I need that creative outlet again...My stress level is so much higher now that I don't live by myself...and also...I broke my ankle so its hard to sit at my desk comfortably...I really need to quit making excuses!!

So my goal is to start posting again!!...I have done so many projects that I could have shared my didn't...and that too makes me sad...its like a journal of hopefully things will get easier and I will stick to what I feel!!!...lets see if I am able to do it!!!

I'm not at home so I don't have any projects to share right now...I did go shopping yesterday and bought a couple of boxes that I want to make my Aunt's b-day gift out of...I think that is going to be my next project...I also did some shopping online and have some new-to-me products on the way!!

Enough rambling...I have a free day hopefully I will get something completed to share!!

Have a great day!!