Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So much for keeping up with my blog!

Well, I was going to try to post to my blog every day, but I haven't done that :{ We did go on a mini vacation last week and are going again on Monday! We went to Indiana Beach last week for two days and had a great time! We are going to Cedar Point on Monday and coming home on Wednesday! We will slow down a little after that, so hopefully I will do a better job of keeping up with this blog!

I haven't done anything creative since I've been home. I did get our pictures and videos uploaded to the computer, but that is as far as I've got! I have been working on getting my fonts organized, still have a long way to go before that task is complete!

I have my monthly order from Zany Zinnia coming, it will probably be here Friday! I have an order started with A Cherry on Top, and I received a gift certificate from my Secret Sister from Bargainpack. com and I submitted my order last night. It might take a month before I receive the way they have been working lately, we'll see what happens this time!

My son is getting married next year and is talking of wanting a baby! Exciting but scary news at the same time. They haven't been together a year yet and are only 22, so I worry about that. Been there done that, but I truly hope what they are feeling is true and things work out for them! I try so hard not to be negative when I talk to him/them about it, but it is hard. It is very cool, on the other hand, to think that I could be a gramma soon! I am very excited and ready for that part of it!

Okay, I have babbled on enough for tonight! I am going to try and post a couple of photos from our latest trip. Wireless isn't working tonight, but I'm going to give it a try!

Have a great night!