Monday, January 5, 2009

A set of letter I made!

I started this blog a while ago...but...and there is always a but...LOL!  I just haven't kept up with it!  I'm going to try to do a much better job at keeping it updated!

My new baby that I have been waiting to get my hands on since September will be here tomorrow!  I finally get my GAZELLE!! I am so excited!  I have a Silhouette now and really like it.  I just hate having to cut down 12"x12" sheets of paper or cardstock to fit the cutting mat [for the Silhouette its only about 7.5" wide].  It will also cut chipboard and fun foam and so on!!  I just can't wait!!

I made this set of letters over the summer for my DD's friend.  I have made several sets, and probably have several more sets to do.  I actually have a set started.  

I think this is my favorite set of letters that I have done so far!

After I get said set finished, I am going to make the girls word books out of their sorority letters.  I think it will end up being about 14 or so word books, makes me tired thinking about it...LOL!  I like having these projects to look forward to, it gives me something to do and the girls really appreciate them.

Okay, I'm off to get the set of letters finished.  I have pictures of several projects that I made over the summer to post gradually.  So I will end with another picture!  

This is the first set of letters that I altered!  These ones were for my DD's dorm room!  I'm so glad she liked them!

Thanks for looking!